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One Piece 566 Manga Spoiler

December 2, 2009

ワンピース One Piece 566 Spoiler. Download ワンピース 第566話 (RAW).

館バレ 566話




Luffy is attacked by Kizaru, while Kiji uses his ice saber which nearly takes him out, Marco intervenes blowing Kiji away with a kick. Meanwhile, the blades are finally turned on to Ace in preparation for his execution, but Croc blows away the two executioners with his ability. Senguko appears to be fine(?) Croc shouts “I can take you down in your weakened state any time, Whitebeard”. The situation changes, and pirates are retreating in the bay. The black Moby dick support ships re-emerge from the sea and the pirates take refuge. Whitebeard somehow launches earthquake attacks from his halberd at marines, who are instantly blown away. Finally Garp and Sengoku begin to move into battle end.

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