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One Piece 556 Manga Spoiler

September 2, 2009

One Piece chapter 556 is now available! Download One Piece 第556話 (RAW).

One Piece 556 spoiler pictures and summaries:

Verification: confirmed

One Piece 556 Spoiler One Piece 556 Spoiler One Piece 556 Spoiler

One Piece 556 Spoiler One Piece 556 Spoiler One Piece 556 Spoiler

Translation by Steven D. Teach @ AP

Coverstory: The end of Nami’s story.

Things pick up from where Oars went down.

Without any mercy, Akainu kills off the marines who try to run away in fear from the war. The Whitebeard pirates surge through the path that Oars cleared/used, and a pirate called “Ice witch whitey Bei” (I may have gotten the name wrong) decays/destroys the waves frozen by Aokiji.
Even after seeing this Sengoku appears confidence and orders the speeding up of Ace’s execution. However, this seems according to Sengoku’s plan. Nearby, Garp cries.
Garp and Sengoku quarrel a little.
Whitebeard glares at Sengoku “Resourceful commander Sengoku the Buddha! (something like this)”.
The scene changes and the 13th division commander called Atomosu is attacked by his crewmates, controlled by Doflamingo. It seems as if the commander is aware of Doflamingo’s ability.
Finally, Luffy and co fly down from the sky DEATHWINK!
Ace is surprised by this.

That’s my best, I apologize for any mistakes. Feel free to alter it.

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