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One Piece 553 Spoiler

August 4, 2009

One Piece (ワンピース) 553 is now available, download: ONE PIECE 第553話 ZIP (RAW) or One Piece 553 (english scanlation).

One Piece (ワンピース) 553 Spoiler Pictures


One Piece 553

One Piece 553


One Piece (ワンピース) 553 Spoiler

Source: nja @ 2ch
Verification: confirmed

カラーは みんなの水着姿
タイトルは 頂上決戦

空から白ひげを氷の槍の雨で攻撃するが白ひげが ドン っと叩いたら

凍った海を 降りやすくなったな~っと隊長たちが次々と飛び出していく

3番隊隊長のやつが体で受け止める 全身ダイヤモンド人間

キザルも宙にまってそこから ヤシャガラス?だかなんだかの
1番隊隊長マルコが全部防ぐ 体からは青い炎



Translation by Aohige_AP

The colored pages are of everyone in swimsuits
Chapter title: Battle of the Highest

The two tidal waves are both stopped by Aokiji’s Ice Age.
He attacks Whitebeard from the sky with rains of spears made of ice,
but Whitebeard simply punches the air, and shatters all the spears as well as Aokiji himself into pieces.

Because the sea is frozen, the division captains of WB’s ship comes down from the ship and walks on it, commenting on how it’s become easy to travel on.
(nja assumes they are probably all ability users)
Vice Admirals, with Otsuru and Garp vs division commanders 4~12? (he’s not sure)

Mihawk attacks Whitebeard with the world’s most powerful swordslash.
But division captain 3 stops it with his body. He’s entire body is made of diamond.

Kizaru flies to the sky too, and uses Yashagarasu? (nja is not sure)
And attacks Whitebeard with multiple rays of beams, but division commander 1 Marco stops all of it. He has blue flames coming out of his body.

It ends with Marco telling him you can’t have the king right away you know.

Their fruit names and ability were not explained yet.

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  1. one piece rulez! permalink
    August 5, 2009 3:20 pm

    Going to be a badass battle! can’t wait!



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