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One Piece Episode 394 Anime Download

March 27, 2009

One Piece episode 394 – Rescue Caimie – The Remnants of the Archipelago’s Dark History (ケイミーを救え 諸島に残る暗黒の歴史 – Keimī o Sukue – Shotō ni Nokoru Ankoku no Rekishi).

One Piece anime episode 394 is now available . The episode is released on March 29, 2009. Download One Piece anime episode 394.

One Piece trivia: Hatchan dumbness could be a ironic reference on the high intelligence of the octopus: As seen when Hatchan is stunned in a flinching manner thinking the Usopp Rubberband attack was coming straight for him when Usopp was far away.

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